Grout and Tile Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Grout andĀ Tile cleaning is not as straight forward as you might think there are many different types of tiles on the market and the most popular at the moment are porcelain tiles. There are also many levels of quality in these tiles some of the cheaper porcelain tiles from china say they come with a protector on them but they come with a wax coating that protects them during transit and when you go to clean them for the first time they seem to look hazy. This wax coating can be very difficult to remove and what you saved on the tiles can cost in the removal of this wax.

While tiles are very hard wearing they tend to be a little more labour intensive to maintain with mopping at least once a week which can be time consuming.

At Adelaide Cleaneasy we recommend the use of micro fibre cloths to clean tiles as there is less water involved and reduces the chance of your grout becoming dirty.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning Adelaide