Water Damage Restoration Services in Adelaide

Water damage is very technical and just coming to suck water out of the carpet and saying it will be ok and dry on its own is not good enough these days.

Extraction of the water is the first step but after this air movers (big drying fans) need to be install to hasten drying so no mould or bacteria can grow during the drying process. Then carpets need to be re-laid and cleaned using products appropriate for the task. Let us help you with water restoration in Adelaide

You might need water restoration services if you’ve been victim to flooding, have experienced major leaks or burst pipes, or have had some structural issues during heavy rain or storms. Perhaps a tap was left on and a bath overflowed. Whatever the initial cause, excess water can wreak havoc on your carpet and beyond. Swift and effective water extraction and restoration of your carpets is essential to prevent further damage.

Don’t Hesitate to Arrange Water Restoration

Water can be incredibly harmful to many aspects of your home. You might first notice a problem if your carpet is damp and smells mouldy, which is unpleasant in itself. But the problems won’t end there—if left untreated, the moisture could rot the floorboards beneath, and even drip into the ceiling below. It can rot plaster, timber, and seriously compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Knowing the time sensitive nature of water damage jobs, we will prioritise your service to ensure that we can help you minimise any damage already done. At the first sign of water damage, get in touch to be guided through the process of determining the source, and to arrange an immediate call out service.

How You Can Quickly Arrange Water Restoration

Unfortunately, for serious cases of moisture or flooding, opening a window and letting your carpet dry out simply won’t cut it. There are too many cleaning businesses that complete half the job, so be weary—removing the moisture with cleaning machines is not the full story. Following this, you’ll need to air dry the area with large fans for an extended period of time to ensure the carpet fully dries out. Finally, the carpet will need to be relaid and thoroughly cleaned. Water damage often brings with it dust and debris, and when mixed with the water it can form a muddy consistency, making your rugs look absolutely awful. A thorough clean as the final step will ensure your carpet or rug looks like new again.

Adelaide Cleaneasy can help you with experience and professional staff for best water damage restoration services in Adelaide.

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