Best Upholstery Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Upholstery cleaning is for the professional only.

It can be difficult and time consuming.

There are thousands of fabrics out there and not all are meant for upholstery.

Often I see labels that say. Please remove Hooks and eyes before dry cleaning. Labels can also be very misleading as there are no standards for upholstering and manufacturers attach labels that are often incorrect.

Knowledge and experience is the only effective tool to use when cleaning upholstery.

Always look for an ACCI Technician or Wools of New Zealand approved Woolcare technician.

Adelaide Cleaneasy can help you with all kinds of upholstery cleaning including lounge suites, dining chairs, mattresses, leather suites, ottomans etc.

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Best Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide

Reliable Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide

*Image 1: Mattress, Image 2: Chair