Do carpets get deodorised during cleaning or is that a furphy?

May 15 2017

This is a question that I was asked the other day.

In years gone by some less reputable cleaners have offered free deodorising as part of their cleaning process.

Using the extraction (Steam Cleaning) process, as a general rule the cleaning products do not have deodorisers built into them. They do generally have a fragrance so the carpets and house will have a fresher odour after cleaning. When a carpet cleaner offers free deodorising he or she would then generally walk through each room they have cleaned with a hand held trigger sprayer and mist this deodoriser/fragrance in each room. This leaves the rooms with a fresh clean smell that gives the impression of deodorising.

True Deodorising is quite involved and can sometimes require hours of investigation with specialised equipment such as moisture meters UV Black lights, carpet knee kickers to lift carpet, etc to asses the odour and get to the root of the problem. Once the odour and source has been determined a course of action needs to be decided upon, in some cases this can take many hours to complete. So as your can see true deodorising is quite involved and takes a true professional.

At Adelaide Cleaneasy, we use a newer process called Encapsulation Cleaning. These products have an natural organic odour neutraliser included in them, which makes them perfect for cleaning when you are a cleaning company that focuses on cleaning for the environment and producing as little toxins as possible. While this is not a full deodorising process it does help with many odours that may be in a carpet.

We use products sourced through the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute because they are continually researching and finding better and more effective cleaning products that are environmentally friendly.

We are very happy with the products we use and on every job try to achieve the best result possible.

I feel these products aid us in achieving this.

Hope that helps clear up some of the issues regarding deodorising





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